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PKI Token:a safe solution for internet banking

Bank of China (short name BOC) is the Bank with the longest continuous operation among Chinese banks. The Bank was formally established in February 1912. As China’s most globalised and integrated bank, BOC has a well-established global service network with institutions set up across the Chinese mainland as well as in 57 countries and regions. It has established an integrated service platform based on the pillars of its corporate banking, personal banking, financial markets and other commercial banking business, which covers investment banking, direct investment, securities, insurance, funds, aircraft leasing and other areas, thus providing its customers with a comprehensive range of financial services. In 2018, Bank of China was again designated as a Global Systemically Important Bank, thus becoming the sole financial institution from an emerging economy to be designated as a Global Systemically Important Bank for eight consecutive years. 

In order to effectively identify the customer's identity, authenticate the customer's behavior, and ensure the security and integrity of the customer's online business, BOC wants a high-performance, high-reliability, high-security USB KEY that meets the needs of online banking or other related applications. This USB key needs to support secure link authentication, transaction information protection, trader identity and digital signatures verification, message integrity verification and non-repudiation in online banking transactions or other related applications, and it also needs to be able to protect against remote hijacking, data tampering, PIN interception and other attacks. 

EsecuKey-K3 uses its own display and buttons to implement a trusted and controllable electronic signature process, it has multi-algorithm, multi-key, multi-scene, multi-language, multi-channel features, and supports various types of user terminal equipment, compatible with various operating systems, browsers and other operating environments. Moreover, it can be efficiently calculated, fast charging, long-lasting battery life, stable and reliable, safe and controllable, and it has a good product appearance, physical process, operating experience. Further meet the needs of various scenes in terms of user experience, performance power consumption, communication speed, stability and compatibility. 

Excelsecu and Bank of China have cooperated for 6 years since 2013. For every requirement from BOC, we take it seriously and constantly improve the performance of our products to meet the various customization needs of our customers.

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