Digitalization improves the service
level of medical industry

Excelsecu provides you with secure and easy-to-deploy
medical industry solutions

Medical Industry Service
Faces the Following Problems
  • The format of patients' medical records is not uniform, and information exchange is difficult

  • Different permissions for doctors to view medical records need to be solved

  • Patients' demand for convenient medical services

Our Services
Excelsecu develops display card independently, and provide complete medical
industry solutions and consulting services
  • Electronic medical record carrier

    Different hospitals view medical records, that is, without paper medical records, display card can be used as the carrier of electronic medical records for data exchange.

  • Built-in secure element

    Built-in security chip to prevent personal information of patients from being leaked and tampered with

  • Mobile apps are convenient and easy to use

    It is convenient and quick for patients to obtain card balance and other information in the medical treatment process through the card screen or mobile APP.

  • Flexible Java card platform development

    Additional functions such as parking fee payment, canteen fee payment, and patient reservation in the self-service machine can be developed based on the Java card platform to improve patient satisfaction.

Our Advantages
Many years of smart card research and development experience, for the industry's deep
understanding, worthy of your trust.

Convenient information exchange

Card-based electronic medical records are shared between different hospitals and patients.

Integration of multiple applications

The embedded Java platform makes it possible to integrate multiple applications/cards into single display card.

Management cost is reduced and satisfaction is improved

Digitalization and paperless make medical institutions improve their management ability, reduce costs, and improve patients' satisfaction with convenient services such as parking and dining

Convenient information exchange
Integration of multiple applications
Management cost is reduced and satisfaction is improved

Provide you with safe and high performance products!

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