Focus on security and efficient
work of government

Excelsecu provides you with secure and easy-to-deploy
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Government Services
Face the Following Problems
  • Various systems, the password is difficult to remember

  • Switching of different systems affects office efficiency

  • Impersonation is hard to trace

Our Services
Excelsecu develops PKI Token independently, and provide complete government
secure solutions and consulting services
  • Multi-system unified authentication

    It provides an effective way for the government multi-system unified authentication.

  • FIDO server interfaces Provided

    It provides a full set of FIDO server interface including a complete program, easy for the government to carry out the FIDO on-line.

  • Compatible with existing authentication methods

    Government agencies can set up a new FIDO authentication method, and compatible with the existing PKI TOKEN, smart card authentication method.

  • Biological characteristics realize the anti-repudiation

    The biological characteristics of fingerprint FIDO can realize the anti-repudiation of system operation.

Our Advantages
It provides a complete set of front and rear end FIDO solution, fully solves
the current government office security needs

Improve government efficiency

FIDO2's passwordless login makes it easier and more efficient for staff to log in different systems

Multiple communication modes meet different usage scenarios

Supporting Bluetooth, USB,NFC and other communication methods can make mobile office fast login possible

Easy system integration

We provide FIDO server interface function, so that the government OA and other system will be convenient FIDO function integration, will not affect the original system security login.

Improve government efficiency
Multiple communication modes meet different usage scenarios
Easy system integration

Provide you with safe and high performance products!

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