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How do I install the FIDO2 Fingerprint Key to my computer?

You don't need to install it, it’s plug and play. It works with Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS

I have two gmail accounts, how many FIDO keys do I need to protect two gmail account. Do I need 2 FIDO keys?

You can use one FIDO key with multiple accounts, but that is not recommended. Regardless of if you're protecting one gmail account, or two - you should register multiple keys (if the service allows it). That way, if you lose your key, or it's damaged, or it's stolen, you will still have a backup key ready to use.

What applications support FIDO Key?

The applications support FIDO® U2F include but not limited to: Google, Facebook, Dropbox, GitHub, Dashlane, DUO, StrongAuth etc.

Can I register a FIDO Key over my smart phone?

No. You can always authenticate the FIDO key with your mobile devices, but registration can only be done from a non-mobile device with Chrome and other U2F supported browsers.

How can I know when to charge my FIDO key?

When a red indicator blinks every 5 seconds a time, the FIDO key is in low power state. Charging process starts automatically when FIDO key is plugged in the USB port of the PC.

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