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Thermal Receipt Printer

ESPT-100 is a thermal receipt printer. It uses 58mm width thermal paper andrealize the bill printing function without ink. The ESPT-100 has various ports and complete configurations. USB(Type C) ports and money box ports are included in all series. In terms of data channels, the ESPT-100 provides 4G, WIFI and Bluetooth data interfaces. In the way of tearing paper, ESPT-100 provides manual tearing paper and automatic cutting paper. You can select the most suitable configuration model according to the specific application scenario and use environment.

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Product Features

According to the application scenarios of ESPT-100 thermal receipt printer, it can be divided into local printing (USB/WIFI/BLUETOOTH ) mode and cloud printing mode.

Local printing (USB/WIFI/BLUETOOTH ) mode

ESPT-100 connects to other terminal devices (such as computers, pads, and mobile phones) through USB, WIFI, or Bluetooth. After receiving the printing instructions from other terminals, the printer prints the specific contents. Its working diagram is as follows:

Local printing.png

Cloud printing mode(Only used in China)

Regarding of cloud printing ESPT-100, users can not only realize the function of online printing through USB or Bluetooth, but also use WIFI or 4G to connect to the network, it could realize the automatic receiving and printing of orders for merchants without any other terminal ,which is a perfect solution for automatic printing of takeout orders.

Cloud printing.png

Local and cloud printing scenario

ESPT-100 thermal receipt printer can support both local and cloud printing. One printer can print orders from the delivery platform as well as orders placed in stores. In-store orders are usually printed via Bluetooth channel

Product Specs
Widely used in various IoT payment fields

Work scenarioLocal printingCloud printing
Only used in China
Printing methodThermal
InterfacePowerUSB-TypeCRJ(Registered Jack)SIM card slot
ButtonPowermenuVolume+Volume-Paper feed
IndicationPaper outPowerState
Paper cutting wayAuto cutting/Manual tearing optional 
Resolution ratio203dpi
Printing width58mm
Printing speed90mm/s
Paper size80mmmax
Print head temperature detectionSupport
Detection of paper outSupport
Working environmentTemperature5~+45 , Humidity20%~90%
Storage environmentTemperature-20~+60 ,Humidity20%~93%
Connection typeWIFI ,Bluetooth ,USBWIFI ,4G ,Bluetooth ,USB
Refer to related configuration(Refer to related configuration)
Cloud serviceNoYes
Prompt toneBuzzerVoice broadcastVoice broadcast
CertificateCCC(China Compulsory Certification)Type approval of radio transmitting equipmentTelecom equipment network access licenseCEFCCROHSWEEE

The Excelsecu thermal receipt printer is an ideal solution for businesses that need a reliable and efficient printer to produce high-quality receipts. This printer is designed to be easy to use, with a simple setup process that allows you to get up and running quickly. It also has a variety of features, such as the ability to print in both black and white and color, as well as the option to customize your receipts with logos or other graphics. With its high-speed printing capabilities and low maintenance requirements, our thermal receipt printer is perfect for any business looking for an efficient way of producing quality receipts.

Our thermal receipt printer is a revolutionary piece of technology that provides businesses with a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to print receipts. This printer uses thermal printing technology to quickly produce high-quality prints without the need for expensive ink cartridges or ribbons. It is a great choice for businesses that need to print large volumes of receipts in a short amount of time. With its easy-to-use features, this printer can help streamline operations and reduce costs associated with printing.

Excelsecu thermal receipt printer is the perfect choice for businesses looking to streamline their printing operations. The printer features a high-speed print head that can quickly produce crisp, clear receipts with minimal effort. It also has an intuitive user interface and a large paper capacity, making it easy to manage large print jobs. With its low-cost operation, the Excelsecu thermal receipt printer is an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

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