Over 10 Years of Experience

Focusing on Financial Security

Excelsecu provides you with secure and easy-to-deploy
financial industry solutions

E-financial Services
Faces the Following Security Risks
  • Personal information is eavesdropped

  • Tamper with communication content

  • Participate in the communication by personating as other’s identity

Our Services
Excelsecu develops PKI Token independently, and provide complete financial
industry solutions and consulting services
  • Effectively protect personal assets

    Excelsecu provides encryption and decryption operations and certificates storage based on PKI system, which can effectively protect your assets.

  • Built-in secure element

    secure element is built-in to encrypt financial transaction information based on high-intensity encryption algorithm, which could prevent information from being illegally intercepted in the process of transmission

  • Prevent tampering with communications

    After hashing the transaction information before encryption, the digest is formed and sent together with the information. By comparing the consistency between the digest and the information, the receiver can effectively deal with the tampering of the communication content

  • Ensure the authenticity of the trader’s identity

    PKI Token uses the digital certificate issued by CA that cannot be read out, and signs the digest of transaction information. The other party of the transaction avoids communicating with the person who impersonates other’s identity by verifying its signature of the digest, so as to ensure the authenticity of the trader’s identity

Our Advantages
Over 100,000,000 pieces were shipped in 10 years, billions of financial transactions
took place, market tested, and trustworthy

Two-factor authentication

PKI Token can be used as the 2nd factor in the transaction, which can reduce threats in the network and enhance the security

Communication and data security

PKI asymmetric cryptography provides confidentiality services for data communication in open network and ensures the security of user communication and data

Identity protection

The PKI system includes the revocation service of CA digital certificate, which prevents the loss of identity information and the malicious usage after being stolen

Two-factor authentication
Communication and data security
Identity protection

Provide you with safe and high performance products!

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