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Traditional payment, such as cash payment, involves change redemption and counterfeiting, while credit card payment involves signature and other problems, which brings inconvenience to the payment process.  With the rise of IoT and cloud computing technology, the emerging mobile Payment based on IoT has changed people's way of life and greatly improved the efficiency of Payment on the premise of ensuring Payment security. IoT payment terminal will be a good assistant for customers and merchants in life.

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Product Overview

As a small printer, ESPT100 Thermal Receipt Printer supports USB,4G network and WIFI connection, and automatically prints takeaway orders delivered from the cloud for voice broadcast. Mobile phones can also send information to the printer for printing through the network. It is mainly used in automatic order receiving scenarios of catering businesses

The ESCS-U30 Wired Code Scanner allows you to scan barcodes, QR codes, paper barcodes, LCD barcodes, etc.It can be used to scan commodity bar code, scan personal payment code,QR code on computer for data acquisition, etc

The ESCS-QR80 Barcode Payment Box supports common one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code scanning.Scan box is suitable for small, medium and micro businesses, retail and super retail and other places that need to scan payment.

The eSecuLS-LS08 Cloud Speaker supports 4G network +WIFI, and delivers real-time voice broadcast for payment receiving to remind merchants of payment success, avoiding avoiding or missing bills.

Application Scenarios

You can use our IoT Payment Terminal to complete the following mobile Payment scenarios.

The customer picks up the phone and scans the QR code of the store to complete the payment. The cloud speaker broadcasts the payment information to remind the merchant.

Merchants can also use wired code Scanner or barcode payment box to scan the QR code on the customer's mobile phone to complete the payment.

Catering shops are automatically connected to the network by printer to print takeaway receipts placed by customers' mobile phones to arrange takeout order delivery

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