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Bank of Chongqing:More security with eSecuOTP

Bank of Chongqing (short name BCQ) was established in 1996, and it is the earliest local joint-stock commercial bank in West China. The Bank became the first batch selected as the investment targets of “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect”, being one of the only three city commercial banks out of 417 selected enterprises. In the ranking from the Banker magazine of UK in 2017, the Bank ranked the 250th.  

In order to realize the multi-channel transaction authentication method and cross-channel use of online banking, mobile banking and telephone banking, also ensure the security and integrity of the customer's online business, the Bank of Chongqing wants an Challenge Response OTP token with PIN protect and unlock function to improve the security of identity authentication.

eSecuOTP-5L is a Time Based and Challenge Response OTP token, it supports OATH compliant TOTP and OCRA algorithms and has higher security, multiple functions. With the hardware PIN protection and the challenge response mode, eSecuOTP-5L can effectively prevent identity fraud, phishing website and the man-in-the-middle attack, protect the security of users' accounts, and prevent attackers from attacking users' accounts by reusing, monitoring, intercepting, etc.

eSecuOTP-5L can provides a high security, good stability, convenient and economic two-factor authentication solution, which meets all the requirements of the Bank of Chongqing. And customers can get the best protection for every operation and transaction of their banking business just with a portable and easy-to-use token anywhere anytime.

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