FIDO Solution

With the development of the Internet and the popularity of mobile devices, traditional password authentication system can no longer satisfy the increasingly complex needs of users. The main problems include: Hard to remember; Easy to compromise; Unsafe to transmit; Uncomfortable user experience; Separate authentication accesses. FIDO stands for Fast Identity Online. The FIDO standard is formulated and maintained by the FIDO Alliance. The FIDO Alliance has formulated a set of open, scalable and interoperable standards which define 2 protocols – UAF (Universal Authentication Framework) and U2F (Universal 2nd Factor), for authentication and login.

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OTP Solution

Excelsecu OTP Server is an ID authentication system based on dynamic token. It offers identity authentication service for application systems, strengthens the security of identity authentication of the application systems, and prevents attackers from damaging users’ legal rights and interests though the inherent vulnerability of the application system.

As an enhanced challenge-response token, OTP token developed by Excelsecu displays a different 6-digit dynamic code every 30 or 60 seconds. Users’ data, as well as time, play a role of validation factor, offering duplicate protection for users’ data security.

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