OTP Client


ESECU OTP Token is a highly secure two-factor OTP device which is designed to protect identities and secure access. It can be configured to support OATH compliant time-based or challenge-response algorithm allowing easy integration with 3rd party OATH authentication systems. Soundwave transmission is another secure option to ease the mobile users from typing in challenge response and password. With user-friendly display & PIN pad, hardware PIN protection and one-time dynamic password, ESECU OTP token can be used anytime, anywhere for Internet banking, access control, ID authentication and etc.


  • OTP authentication device with LCD, PIN pad and battery
  • Time-based and challenge-response configuration options
  • PIN protected
  • Tamper evident design
  • Support OATH compliant TOTP and OCRA algorithms
  • Soundwave transmission can be deployed to ease the user from typing in password or challenge response
  • Portable, simple to use. No extra software installation is required for end user


Time-based OTP token works by comparing the times of both the dynamic token and the dynamic password authentication server and usually generates a new password every 60 seconds. It has very precise crystal oscillator frequency, and also requires the clock of the server to maintain perfectly accurate.


Challenge-Response OTP token is often used for online business. Users need to enter a challenge code received from the server on the token, and the token will generate a random number of 6 or 8 digits as a response. The response number can be used only once.