ESECU FIDO Key is a self-developed hardware authenticator complying with FIDO Universal Second Factor (U2F) standard. By adding an ESECU FIDO authenticator to user login, the security of online services with the existing password infrastructure is significantly enhanced. Users need not worry about their account information being stolen by phishing, hacking or viruses attack. By simply pressing a button, users can easily authenticate all U2F-enabled services and applications (e.g. Google, Github, Dropbox, etc) with the same device.

  • FIDO U2F security key with standard USB interface
  • Identifies as a standard USB HID device
  • No need to install client software or drivers
  • Solid metallic casing
  • Assists users in logging in any website or server that supports FIDO U2F
  • Customizable FIDO card and FIDO wristband