Our Client


As Excelsecu’s initial and core business, the online banking industry has witnessed the company’s consistent efforts and rapid growth since 2006. Throughout the decade Excelsecu puts absolute emphasis on technological innovation and consequently created a portfolio of products that address the needs for ID authentication in various application scenarios. With proven stability, performance and value, Excelsecu has helped numerous financial institutions and their customers eliminate cybercrime risks in online transaction, which include large-scale national banks such as ICBC, Merchants Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications etc, and regional banks and rural credit unions across the country.

Government & Enterprise

It is not only the banks that are faced with cyber security issues. As more and more documents and business tend to be processed online, government offices and leading enterprises are calling for a complete solution to secure their daily operations. By virtue of a wealth of experience spanning over a decade, Excelsecu has leveraged its expertise to offer encryption and authentication solutions in file access, intranet login, electronic seal as well as other workflows, ensuring data security for important government organs like the Taxation Bureau and the Bureau of Commerce and Industry, and pivotal large enterprises including ZTE, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


It is a widely acknowledged fact that technology needs to get closer to every individual, just as the new Excelsecu logo conveys. Committed to keeping pace with the latest market trends and bringing more convenience to people’s daily life, Excelsecu has been working on the upgrade of product lines and is keen to introduce the attractive innovations to end-users around the globe, ranging from smart wristband with NFC payment function, to authenticator and server that comply with the FIDO standards.